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Nature trails :

Nature trails :

Monte Faito can be reached by car, after which there are several nature trails that differ in terms of duration and degree of difficulty.  Organised by the Legambiente Association in Vico Equense, one of the simplest and less tiring is “Il Gheppio”. Along the various trails it is easy to spot birds such as kestrels and buzzards, and come into contact with flora that exists only on this peninsula, such as santolina naepolitana (Aster genus) and the carnivorous pinguicula.

The trail begins from Santa Maria del Castello, a village that straddles the mountain between the Gulf of Naples and Gulf of Salerno, and follows a path of high-level interest in natural and panoramic terms, reaching Montepertuso in a little over two hours.
The landscape is characterised by stretches of woodland and rock as far as the forest rangers’ centre. Along the trail you can admire typical Mediterranean flora such as juniper, myrtle, cistus, valeriana, asperula, helichrysum, hypericum, rosemary, thistle, yews, downy oak, alder, common hornbeam and carob. The panorama from the trail is breathtakingly incredible, taking in Positano from on high with Montepertuso and Nocelle to the left and Vettica Maggiore in the distance.
From Montepertuso, along the alleys that link to the town we reach Positano.

Length 6 km; Duration 4-5 hours

The excursion begins in Santa Maria del Castello, in the hills above Vico Equense and overlooking the Gulf of Salerno. En route the trail offers a splendid view of Positano and Praiano on the southern side. The trail reaches a height of 900 metres above sea level, and during a pause on the way up you can see the limestone mass of Monte Faito, and the peaks of Monte San Michele and Monte Mezzo (“Molar and Canine”) After about an hour the trail offers a sensational panorama of Positano. Further along, one glance from the Peak of Monte Comune takes in Vesuvius, the Gulf of Salerno and Capri.

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Length 8km; Duration 5-6 hours
The trail begins from Piazza Capasso in Bomerano (Agerola), and the features of the coast gradually come into view: sheer drops alternate with gorges flourishing in vegetation. Even after just a few kilometres the view spans as far as Capri, and continuing west the trail offers a marvellous scenario of the coast from Praiano to Capri. Against the backdrop of blue skies and sheer cliffs you can watch the flight of birds of prey, and crossing naturalist oases we reach Santa Maria del Castello.

Length 6 km; Duration 4-5 hours
The trail begins from the square in Montechiaro (Vico Equense), and the first view offered is of the plain of Sorrento. Continuing, on the left the view opens up to take in Vesuvius and the town of Vico Equense.  The trail leads to Camaldoli, the most important stop on the itinerary: a magnificent panorama from the Gulf of Naples to the sea of Salerno, whilst below us we can see all the towns of Meta, Piano and Sant'Agnello.

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