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Arola extends across a vast territory that also has a beach area on the Positano side. The local economy is based on agriculture and the transformation of typical dairy products, including Provolone del Monaco, and in the last few decades also tourism. Following the road down from Arola and along Via dei Camaldoli we reach the Astapiana hill and the XVIII century Camaldolesi monastery from where the view over the Sorrento Coast becomes spectacular, reaching from Meta to the end of the coast at Punta Campanella.

Vico Equense

Continuing downwards we come to Vico Equense, the first town on the Sorrento Coast. In this smiling town, nature seems to have concentrated most of its best qualities - the sea, the hills and mountains, combined with the tradition of hospitality innate to its inhabitants.
A town with a very long history, rich in numerous archaeological findings from the Greek, Etruscan and Italic eras, a collection numbering over 700 on display at the Antiquarium Equano. Also worth a visit for its scientific importance is the Campania Mineralogical Museum   with around 3500 exhibits of minerals, 1400 of which are from all around the world. In the town centre is the Mediaeval Castle built in 1284, and the Church of the Annunziata dating back to the XIV century and - built on a limestone cliff overlooking the sea and towards Marina di Equa and the Sorrento Coast – is an example of Gothic architecture with priceless paintings and numerous sepulchres. The Church of the Arciconfraternita dell'Assunta, with its beautiful 18th century wooden altar covered in tiny pearls and coral, should also be visited along with the recently restored Giusso Castle. Vico Equense is also a well-known spa centre for its Scrajo sulphur springs where the spa famous since Roman times is located at sea level.  
Not to be missed are the nature excursions along the many trails of Monte Faito, alternating these with tennis, swimming or volleyball at Faito’s sports centre.

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